Large Website and WebServices Stack

A government organisation providing a variety of national services via a website needed assistance with maintaining patch levels on an application stack which was out of support and end of life.


Large National Restaurant Chain: Managed Services and Database Optimisation

RDB have supported this major high-street name with our RDB Manage and Custodian*24 services for more than 10 years.
We have undertaken several estate optimisation projects for them. Most recently as part of our contribution to their COVID–
19 cost cutting programs, we suggested a significant optimisation which saved them a staggering 90% on their Oracle DB
licence OpEx costs annually.


Managed Services Legacy SAP Support

RDB were commissioned by an international Aerospace Group to investigate some problems with an ageing SPARC, Solaris, Oracle SAP estate which was more than 10 years old. Our solution delivered substantial benefits for years.


Oracle Enterprise RAC application

RDB Concepts were commissioned to investigate poor performance from an Oracle Enterprise RAC application which is used to provide a subscription business service internationally.

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