Secure Platform for Major University

A major University with more than 20,000 students experienced a significant breach in a failed ransomware attack. Their core students’ records databases were managed by RDB as a full service. After the attack had resulted in the complete shutdown of the network and all services, it was discovered that only the RDB Servers had not been breached. Because we had all of the relevant back-ups and an active DR, we were able to recover the records with no loss of data.

The main task was to rebuild the entire records system, not just the database, in conjunction with the vendor, on a new secure platform. RDB designed and implemented the new secure platform in RDB Cloud (its public-cloud-adjacent infrastructure). This reconstruction of a highly customised application was accomplished with the vendor within 8 weeks in time to accept new students.

After this response RDB assumed responsibility for much of the cyber and SIEM services including full MDR/XDR for staff endpoints, and a proactive investigation/remediation services with vulnerability and SIEM added for the server environments.

This episode demonstrated that our general practices are very secure, but can be enhanced with our specialist Managed Security Services. When combined, these provide an incredibly resilient service for any Enterprise system.

Key Objectives

The Solution

Key Benefits

Next Steps

Key Outcomes

Response to Emergency:  RDB immediately responded as part of its Managed Service to recover data and investigate:

Recovery of the data and other back ups to provide a means for the vendor to recover the application

Redesign a secure PaaS on new infrastructure:

       ◦     A database optimised private cloud, with hard-partitioning and best in class IOPs      

◦     Active DR as well as immutable, air-gapped BaaS with independent restore-point

◦     Splunk, Taegis, Sentinel1 and IPS/IDS firewalls

Full Cyber and SIEM services a comprehensive managed service for the cloud infrastructure and the application stack.

       ◦     All servers, 1,600 staff desktops with full MDR/XDR with Azure AD & Defender integrations

       ◦     Coherent single point of alerting and response, with all tooling configured by RDB.

*A case study is in the works

Active Resiliency

Having all of the ingredients to effective cyber protection is essential, but more important is having all of these components configured and managed to provide protection in each of situations you need to guard against.

1. A single point of responsibility and resolution is very important for a swift response.

2. Regular vulnerability and assurance of remediation is important.

3. The ability to quickly failover to an active DR.

4. An immutable and air-gapped back-up with the ability to restore to a set of optional target infrastructures

The Solution

What type of businesses benefit from this type of solution?

Any organisation running production enterprise systems can benefit from:

24×7 Managed Support Services keeping applications running and proactively resolving issues as they arise.  

Managed Security Services can quickly detect bad actors and respond, investigate and resolve.

Active DR for rapid failover and minimum disruptio

Immutable back-ups protecting against the most serious problems

The ability in the worst scenarios to restore to independent infrastructure and be up and running quickly.

RDB Concepts currently offers comprehensive cyber, application and platform managed services to this client.

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