Licence and Infrastructure Optimisation

Cloud Optimisation

Audit and Compliance

What's the solution?


We can ensure that you are not paying for expensive equipment or software that you do not need. We can propose new platforms and infrastructures designed to fit your cost/performance priorities.


We offer audit and compliance services to identify software assets and ensure compliance. We can manage an audit from expensive software vendors such as Oracle.

What makes us different?

Unlike many of our competitors, we are software and infrastructure agnostic. Unlike MSPs who tend to focus on infrastructure management and SaaS, we take a very close look at your application stacks, consolidation opportunities, database technology and your specific licensing and support

The Benefits

There is often a direct relationship between the infrastructure you’re using and the licensing of core technologies, such as databases. The interaction of performance and per-cpu/core licenses, means that. there are strong financial benefits to infrastructure upgrades that optimise your software licences to reduce cost. Moving to a public cloud by lifting and shifting often fails to take advantage of ways to optimise workloads, licence usage and other techniques to save money.

Licence and Infrastructure Optimisation


Infrastructure consolidation can yield opportunities to reduce the overall need for expensive per CPU/Core licence software such as Oracle DB. Often savings when moving from ageing proprietary platforms to open systems can be significant, sometime paying for the whole migration. RDB Concepts is expert at demonstrating how a carefully designed Infrastructure renewal can also yield very significant software savings as well.

Cloud Optimisation


RDB Concepts offers a comprehensive Cloud and Workload optimisation service to help ensure that such migrations do not waste the opportunity to review workloads and how they are supported. However, RDB Concepts can closely assess all your workloads, your application stacks and the way they are licensed whilst factoring all of these elements into a much more streamlined estate.

RDB Concepts offers a database optimised cloud platform designed to optimise licence usage.

Audit and Compliance


Clients often seek compliance audits because they have received a notice from a vendor, but in many cases the client may be either over-licensed or able to substantially reduce their licence costs by changing a few things, many of these changes can be achieved at no net-cost. A licence audit has the dual benefit of reducing risk of penalties from vendors, while at the same time providing all the information necessary to optimise the estate and make recommendations to save money.

Next Steps

If you think this service is potentially useful to you, then we need to understand your priorities. After an audit of the estate, we can determine how to proceed to meet your objectives.