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A  ‘built to fit’ service that will allow our customers to perform installation and upgrades.

With our vast experience in both operating system and database technologies, we are able to provide a ‘built to fit’ service that will allow our customers to perform installation and upgrades. Our commitment to client satisfaction is present at every step of the project. For upgrades, organisations should begin with an assessment of the new capabilities and enhancements. By comparing these new features against existing features it is easier to determine whether the risk of upgrade is worthwhile. There is often an opportunity to optimise either the infrastructure or software licensing regime when a new installation or upgrade is needed.

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Sometimes clients are pushed down an upgrade path to maintain vendor support.

New Functionality

Sometimes clients require a new piece of functionality which demands an upgrade.


Some upgrades are driven by compliance issues.

Effective analysis and planning involving your organisations experts and key users, can improve user adoption post upgrade. A designated business champion is imperative to drive the upgrade project from within the business.


  • When you opt for this service, you receive an optimal installation or upgrade design for your on-premises, cloud or hybrid estate.


  • We take the complexity out of building the optimal solution whilst reducing cost.

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RDB Are experts at getting the most out your software and hardware assets. Using our expert team we can optimise your software and infrstruture to:

  • Save money on expensive licences
  • Reduce the cost of a cloud migration
  • Make your applications perform faster

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At RDB offer comprehensive application and environment migration services. Ideal for a move to the cloud as well as those using a hybrid, or legacy infrastructure who need a complete turnkey solution.

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Secure Platform for Major University

A major University with more than 20,000 students experienced a significant breach in a failed ransomware attack. Their core students’ records databases were managed by RDB as a full service.

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RDB 3 Peaks for Rainbow Trust

In September a team of adventurers from RDB will be taking part in the 3 Peaks Challenge to raise money for this year’s chosen charity: Rainbow Trust!
The challenge is to climb the three highest mountains in Scotland, England and Wales one after the other over 24 hours.
We will be climbing Ben Nevis on a Saturday morning, Scafell Pike in the evening and Snowdon first thing on the Sunday morning!

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