Emergency & Troubleshooting

Resolve complex networking and hardware performance issues.

The scope of our Emergency Troubleshooting service covers the Full Application Stack, Databases, Security, and can also resolve complex networking and hardware performance issues. We work with 14 different database systems, all Microsoft, Unix and Linux systems and most Cloud environments.

If you’re reading this you probably have either an urgent, serious issue, or a persistent niggle that you want fixed. This troubleshooting and resolving service is included as part of our fully managed service RDB Manage, but is available to new customers as a professional services offering. Our troubleshooting service is ideal for organisations facing serious technical or operational problems. We can provide you with the services of specialist technicians even if you don’t currently have our RDB Manage Service. This enables you to get your system back up and running again as quickly as possible and also get recommendations for a permanent fix. The scope of our Emergency Troubleshooting service covers the Full Application Stack and can also resolve complex networking, security and hardware performance issues.

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This service is applicable if you’re not signed up for RDB Manage, but are considering becoming a customer. Each organisation that finds itself in this situation is a potential RDB customer. Many companies have become RDB customers after experiencing the benefits of our emergency resolution assistance. To avoid future problems we can provide you with an MSP arrangement that comes with all resolutions as part of the package. Also part of the package is a 20-minute 24×7 SLA.


We have a deep understanding of the importance of organisation and efficiency

All System Layers

Unlike most MSPs on the market, we can offer support for all system layers, from the operating systems, to ap­plic­a­tion and full ex­pert DBA ser­vices. We offer a comprehensive range of services to get you up and running again, and where possible make sure it never happens again.

Best Practise

All of our managed services clients undergo an extensive Health-check with best practise recommendations, and it is normal for us to do this either as part of a troubleshooting resolution, or afterwards as part of a post-mortem reflection on what happened and why.

Broad Skillset

RDB has a very broad skillset covering many OS, Cloud and DB environments including thelatest platforms as well as many legacy environment.


We make money if our customers don’t have problems, so we invest in making sure that you stay running at peak performance. To do this we proactively monitor all aspects of your estate for warning signs, and humans are involved daily in checking the systems. Because we use our own Technology to monitor things, we can also tailor it to respond to your specific systems and processes to avoid problems.

Benefits Missing

  • By placing your day-to-day management tasks in our hands, you can free up time for other essential business activities

  • RDB Managed Services tend to be much more cost-effective than in-house solutions. We also offer a 24/7 service that delivers the entire skill matrix that you require. This means you don’t need to invest so much capital in hiring or training. 



  • Your database will remain highly available and in the safest possible hands. 

  • Our managed services remove the risk from database management, proactively ensuring your systems are always in operation. 

  • With our support behind you, you’ll always benefit from working, validated backup and DR processes.

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Custodian 24 combined with BMC Control M allows us to provide incredible insight to managed systems and processes. Customers can incorporate the alerts and scheduing services across their whole set of platforms from cloud to SaaS and also legacy.

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RDB 3 Peaks for Rainbow Trust

In September a team of adventurers from RDB will be taking part in the 3 Peaks Challenge to raise money for this year’s chosen charity: Rainbow Trust!
The challenge is to climb the three highest mountains in Scotland, England and Wales one after the other over 24 hours.
We will be climbing Ben Nevis on a Saturday morning, Scafell Pike in the evening and Snowdon first thing on the Sunday morning!

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