Client Benefits

All of our services are designed to help our customers get the most from their infrastructure systems.

Our managed services, in particular, have been proven to save our clients’ money by reducing the frequency of hardware and storage refreshes. This is simply achieved by understanding our clients’ business model and working with our clients to maintain the health of their systems.

RDB Concepts perform daily system checks on all our clients’ environments which include:

  • System availability
  • Capacity monitoring
  • Error monitoring, analysis and management
  • System backup monitoring
  • System error monitoring
  • Corrective action for all supported elements is performed

We recognize how important it is for our customers to receive a consistent service. To this end, we hold ourselves accountable and provide the means for our customers to measure our success.

Additional benefits that are also part of managed services include the following:

  • Personal technician providing a single point of contact for the client
  • Quarterly patch release report
  • Annual incident and history report

The best bit is that our customers are able to see exactly what we have provided them with, as we generate weekly reports highlighting all the work we have undertaken, and have quarterly status review meetings with you, so you are always well-informed.



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