TmaxSoft & Tibero DBMS

As part of RDB Concepts on-going review of emerging and innovative solutions in the database environment, we now turn our attention to Tibero from the Korean giant TmaxSoft.

Tibero is an innovative database management system (DBMS) that delivers optimal business value. It efficiently manages resources to achieve optimum performance at a fraction of the cost of other industry leading solutions, reducing annualised licence costs by 50-60% and total cost of ownership by 50% in many cases.

Being able to integrate an existing database without modifying existing applications, Tibero has passed domestic and international software testing and certification and, as the table below will show, it is experiencing the largest DBMS growth in Korea by a rate almost three times faster than the second ranked company (Microsoft).


So, why haven’t we heard more of it in the Western markets?

TmaxSoft are actively looking to address this situation and have announced plans to expand its presence in the global market by working with local partners to meet the rising demand for their solutions.

Building on their dominance in the Asian market, where the benefits of Tibero have been identified and implemented by international brands such as Samsung, LG and Hyundai, TmaxSoft has publically stated that it is aiming to achieve revenue of $110 million in overseas sales, reflecting its aggressive expansion plans to become a global software company.

So how can I learn more?

As a premier partner for Tibero, RDB Concepts are able to answer any queries you may have, arrange a no obligation meeting or even undertake a no cost proof of concept exercise. The benefits and cost savings could easily achieve a year one return on investment following the low risk / low impact DBMS migration. If you are interested to hear more, please contact [email protected]