TMAXOS launch and Tibero future developments

I recently spent a week in Korea attending the TmaxSoft launch for the new operating system TmaxOS. I was lucky enough to get a personal tour of the new operating system, office suite and web browser. There might also have been a small voyage of discovery as I found myself singing with all the delegates from around the world in a Karaoke bar, but that is for a different blog.

The operating system was easy enough to navigate for anyone who is familiar with the Microsoft operating system.



The operating system is based on a Unix kernel which will immediately appeal to a large number of people. A Windows like operating system with enterprise level security and performance – What is not to like? The OS takes on the look and feel of Microsoft Windows with the goal of making it easier for Microsoft users to switch. Along with the operating system TmaxSoft also launched their new office suite TmaxOffice and a new standalone web browser ToGate.

TmaxSoft demonstrated their new office suite which was extremely rich with features and fully compatible with Microsoft Office. Microsoft Office has such a hold on this market place that any office program that does not have this level of compatibility would not be acceptable to most users.


TmaxOffice has an extremely familiar interface which immediately makes you feel comfortable with the product, and makes navigation simple. I was shown how easy it was to open a Microsoft Word document into ToWord, make changes and save the document back as a Microsoft Word document. To be honest some people would not realize they were not using Microsoft Word.  I was extremely impressed at how polished the user interface appeared. New users will immediately feel at home.

TmaxOffice has all of the tools that you would expect to find:

Word Processor






Web Browser


In addition, TmaxSoft also boast that Microsoft apps will run seamlessly on their new operating system. TmaxSoft had loaded a number of PCs with TmaxOS and Microsoft Office. I tested Word and Excel and everything worked perfectly. I hear people saying you can do this already using WINE, but it does take some effort to configure. The TmaxOS install is very clean and once installed, well you are ready to go.

Taking all of this into account the operating system could be very attractive to the education sector. Better security and the ability to run Microsoft Office and Office 365.

The Beta program is due to start shortly and RDB Concepts will be testing the OS with some of the Microsoft applications that we need to perform our daily roles. I will write another report on how this Beta testing goes.


I personally am not looking for another operating system that looks and feels like Microsoft Windows. I don’t particularly like Windows, or MacOS for that matter.

I feel that Microsoft and Apple are missing the mark with their respective operating system interfaces.

The first vendor to deliver an operating system that offers a truly immersive interface to all of our social networking applications will be responsible for the next significant lifestyle change.

1. Why does the operating system on my tablet and phone need to be different to my laptop?

2. Why do I have cut down versions of applications on my phone and tablet?

We are not too far away from being able to have a mobile phone so powerful that we no longer need laptops. Ubuntu have been working towards this and Microsoft have just delivered the new Nokia with docking station. The OS on the Nokia is not Windows 10 but a mobile version and Ubuntu have released their devices but as yet have not managed to penetrate the market. The Ubuntu concept of a scope is a step closer to an immersive social experience.


Tibero BI-database

I was lucky enough to be invited to a number of meetings with key technology leaders responsible for working on future developments for the Tibero database.

Tibero is a SQL based database that boasts 98% compatibility with Oracle. RDB Concepts have been working with Tibero now for 12 months in the UK and the database is extremely powerful and provides a real alternative to any client looking for an enterprise database with security, performance and real saleability.

During my visit a number of initiatives were discussed:


Tibero BI-zetadata

This is direct competition for Oracle Exadata. The big differences are:

Zetadata is not hardware dependent and is certified on IBM Power. As many people know I am extremely passionate about the IBM Power architecture and this makes Zetadata an exciting prospect.

Zetadata is not operating system dependent. It will run on all mainstream operating systems.

Zetadata enables a client to choose the environment they want and to freely configure the database and storage to meet their needs.

Zetadata supports high performance for large scale data analytics as well as rapid transaction processing for heavy OLTP loads.

The technologies involved include:

  • DB Active Clustering
  • Storage Management
  • High Speed networking
  • Flash Caching – enabling frequently used data to be accessed in the cache and reducing IO
  • Improved IO Performance thank to Tibero Active Storage (TAS)



This is both a monitoring and management tool for Tibero. The tool enables the DBA to perform general database management including:

1. Schema management

2. Backups

3. Recoveries

4. Tuning

5. Problem Diagnosis

Interestingly this is shipped with Tibero and TmaxSoft are allowing a certain amount of tuning diagnostics to be enabled as standard with more fine level diagnostics being available as a chargeable option. This will be extremely well received by most customers.

The interface is very easy to understand and is very intuitive. Drilling down to find the SQL causing issues is simple and you can quickly select the individual SQL statement causing locks or find SQL that is simply taking too long to run and begin your diagnostics and tuning exercise.


You get all the instance level monitoring and information that you would expect and it is displayed in a very similar way to other tools of this kind in the market. You can also use the tool to perform a number of key DBA related tasks. I think many DBAs will opt to utilize the tool in this way.



Tibero BI-prosync

ProSync is direct competition for Oracle Golden Gate and DBVisit and presently supports Oracle and Tibero databases. I did inquire as to whether SQL Server and MySQL would be included in future releases and will update as soon as I have the information from TmaxSoft.

ProSync is a real-time Extract Transform Load (ETL) solution that applies data changes in real time by extracting and processing only the changed data from the specified tables in the source database, providing real-time synchronization with minimum overhead on the source DB.



Real-time support for Oracle

Uses Oracle LogMiner to provide a near real-time synchronization

Directly reads online redo logs

Real-time synchronization between Oracle DB and Tibero DB

Real-time synchronization between Oracle DB and Oracle DB

Initial load support for Oracle

Loads table data without using a migrator during initial load


Changes the name of a table to be synchronized

Changes the name of a table owner to be synchronized

Specifies columns to be excluded from a table during synchronization

1:N synchronization

Transfers a target table to multiple target servers


Encrypts data from a source DB and transfers it to a target DB

Admin tool

A command line tool

Includes data integrity verification, data consistency and process control functions


This tool was one of my favorites. Similar to the Oracle product Replay, this tool enables the client to capture a workload in Oracle and replay it in Tibero to ensure that the performance will not suffer after a migration.

I am working with a number of Oracle clients suffering from performance issues which are difficult to diagnose and only occur during peak activity. To utilize Oracle Replay, the client needs to be running enterprise edition and also have the real application testing option. This has proven too expensive for a number of clients.

I immediately asked if the captured workload could be replayed in another Oracle database and I am awaiting a response from TmaxSoft on this question. I will write a separate article on this product when I have had a chance to test and work with it.

If we could use this tool to replay workloads in Oracle I think there will be a lot of Oracle customers extremely interested to learn more.



When a client wants to determine how easy a migration would be from their Oracle environment to Tibero the T-UP application is perfect. Not only can it analyze the schemas within Oracle that are to be migrated but it can analyze the source code repository as well. The analysis yields a percentage compatibility figure but also identifies any areas that are not compatible. The customer can easily find which parts of their schema or code repository will need rework to complete the migration.

The T-UP application can then be utilized to perform the actual migration. An export script is generated from the Oracle database which is then used to create the schema and import the data into the Tibero database. This could not be easier.

When we tested this the only issues with the schema were that the Oracle database was utilizing the Result’s cache and some tables had the results cache hint included in the DDL. This was a very simple change to make to remove this to enable the data to be imported into Tibero.


Overall the tool is extremely intuitive and makes the migration process very simple. Customers can assess the level of compatibility before they engage on a proof of concept.



Any technologies that enable me to improve my services and to provide more comprehensive options to my clients are worth investigating. The tools outlined above will solve a number of issues that my existing clients are facing NOW:

  • Replacing obsolete ETL tools
  • Building real time mirror databases
  • Resolving tricky performance bottlenecks that occur only once a week without resulting to trial and error production testing
  • Providing an exit strategy for clients that wish to remove Exadata as their chosen solution

TmaxSoft have an enormous research and development team working on these solutions and many more. They now have offices in the UK, US, Canada, Australia and are opening offices all over Europe. This technology is going to make a difference to the database market place.

My role is to look at the problems that my customers are presently facing and then, working with new emerging database experts like TmaxSoft, compile a set of products that resolve these issues. The beauty of working with new emerging companies is that when we uncover a compelling issue they are more willing to rise to the challenge to provide a solution that meets the customer’s requirement.

“Businesses choose service providers that can solve their immediate problems. We must shift our focus to delivering solutions because the market place has changed. Clients no longer wish to purchase a square brick to fill their circular hole. Service providers must adapt to meet the changing demands of their clients.” Phill Evans – 2016

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Phill Evans