Percona Server for MongoDB

So, we have talked about MongoDB before, by now you probably have hopefully had a play about with it, or even incorporated it into your business but just couldn’t afford the enterprise features? Well with Percona Server for MongoDB you can keep your money in your wallet and your credit cards safe.

Percona are an open source software company that provides a fully compatible, open-software replacement for not only MongoDB but also for MySQL. They have a history of getting hold of good pieces of software, and vastly improving upon them, as was the case with MySQL.

You are probably thinking, why should I use this Percona server of MongoDB? Well the simple answer it’s free! Yes, you heard me it’s completely free. But not only that it offers features and functionality that is included in the enterprise version of MongoDB, that are, too, completely free.

What’s the catch? Well, like most things free there are some caveats. Some features that are available in MongoDB are not available in Percona, but then this is true on the other side as well. This doesn’t mean that these features won’t be available in the future like MongoDB, as Percona are constantly developing these lovely features. Some of these features include Mongo’s renowned sharding technology and auto-balancing technology.

Some of the features that are not available in Percona for MongoDB, is support for ARM Processer architecture. So those miniaturized device lovers should hold off for now. In addition to this, there is also no Kerberos or SNMP on the Percona Server. However, with Percona you now have access to 4 more storage engines that you didn’t have access to in the MongoDB Community edition. This includes the MongoRocks Engine, which was developed by Facebook, and Percona’s own Memory Engine. But don’t forget the engine that Mongo fell in love with, Wired Tiger, and the previous engine that Mongo used, MMAPv1, all of which are included in the Percona Server for MongoDB.

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