IBM Power Scale Out

“Power is the ultimate platform for compute intensive workloads”

IBM Power Systemsâ„¢ push the physical and virtual boundaries of data centre technology with innovation, designed to drive data-centric applications faster with efficiency in mind, as required for today’s smarter enterprise.


The current IBM Powerâ„¢ architecture design began in 1997 and the processor was announced in 2001 as the Power4. It was the first multicore processor in the industry. The team used to design its architecture included the best in mainframe design, supercomputing design and chip fabrication design. From its origin, the Power architecture was designed by this team to do two things exceptionally well; data and high-performance computing. It’s this ethos that set the IBM Power architecture apart from its rivals.


In today’s fast-paced world scalability needs to be at the very foundation of any hardware platform. Whether you need to scale-out data or your client/user base, IBM Power Systemsâ„¢ are unrivalled in helping you achieve such transitions, effortlessly.

Businesses are amassing a wealth of data and Power Systems can store it, secure it and, most importantly, extract actionable insight from it in a timeframes that matter. IBM Powerâ„¢ Systems are designed for big data. Power servers are optimised for the compute intensive performance demands of database and analytics applications, and can flexibly scale to support the demands of rapidly growing data. Power Systemsâ„¢ first generation architecture was built on a heritage of strong resilience, availability and security. Power Systemsâ„¢ open, data-centric design combines computing power, big memory, memory bandwidth, and broad pathways to process and move data through applications in ways that are easier to consume and manage.


Unrivalled Ingenuity

RDB Concepts are proud to offer a range of technology solutions that take advantage of the unrivalled processing power on offer from the IBM Powerâ„¢ architecture. From database technologies to operating systems, running on an IBM Powerâ„¢ platform ensures you’re always ahead. Linux on IBM Powerâ„¢

Since its inception in 1991, Linux has grown to become a force in computing, powering everything from the New York Stock Exchange to mobile phones to supercomputers to consumer devices, making Linux on IBM Powerâ„¢ a dominant combination. RDB Concepts are excited to be working with IBM and Arrow to drive the Linux platform growth on Power.

Ubuntu on IBM Powerâ„¢

Ubuntu comes with everything you need to run your organization. The fact that it’s an open source OS that’s secure and accessible, makes it the leading OS on PC, tablet, phones and cloud. RDB Concepts will be launching the Open Stack on Power later this year.

Tibero on IBM Powerâ„¢

TIbero is an Oracle-compatible database that is used by over 1000 clients in Asia. Tibero offers end users and ISVs enterprise-level performance and functionality but with more manageable costs. Tibero offers simpler licencing terms than Oracle whilst giving Oracle DBAs a familiar interface requiring no retraining. RDB Concepts have been granted the title of UK Preferred Support Supplier on Power.

MariaDB on IBM Powerâ„¢

MariaDB allows RDB Concepts to offer a robust, scalable and reliable database platform. Coupled with IBM Powerâ„¢, MariaDB quickly becomes a powerful player in the fiercely competitive RDBMS arena. RDB Concepts have been working with MariaDB since its inception having a number of client applications being ported from MySQL to MariaDB for performance reasons.

NoSQL Database Platforms on IBM Powerâ„¢

From MongoDB to Apache Cassandra, IBM Powerâ„¢ is geared up to run powerful, high-availability, scaled out instances of either NOSQL database platform. RDB Concepts database team are all working towards the MongoDB certification. This platform is becoming more and more important to many database users in the industry.

RDB Concepts Complete office offering

RDB Concepts is proud to announce its new cloud offerings and is delighted that the back bone to these services is IBM Power. The purpose of the RDB Cloud is to offer an “Office in a Box” solution. This includes everything from Cloud based telephony and Desktop Anywhere solutions (Based on Ubuntu and or Windows) to servers, databases and storage on demand.

Be assured in the knowledge that whatever you choose to run on the IBM Powerâ„¢ platform, RDB Concepts knowledge and unrivalled technical expertise ensures your business is in safe, capable hands.

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