IBM Linux on Power Enablement

This week RDB Concepts and Arrow ECS launched their IBM Linux on POWER enablement campaign.

Working very closely with Arrow ECS and IBM the event was launched in London to an audience of well-established IBM business partners.

The campaign included talks from 4 very exciting database vendors all having:

  1. Compelling stories regarding the types of database workloads where their platforms excel.
  2. Compelling evidence showing how running these workloads on POWER Linux yields benefits in terms of performance and cost savings.

Following these presentations RDB Concepts delivered an overview of what the aims of the campaign were and how the campaign would be structured.

The strategic importance of Linux on POWER cannot be underestimated. IBM are investing an enormous amount of energy in promoting this platform and have been working closely with database vendors to enable them to port their platforms to exploit the advanced hardware capabilities of POWER8

“IBM brings four big things to the table that are good for Linux: competition, commitment, code, and cool technology” – IBM RDB Concepts is a managed service provider that specialises in operating system and databases services.

Our mission is to enable our clients to focus on their business without unnecessary concern about their databases and operating systems. By doing what we do best and consistently delivering the highest quality services we enable our clients to focus on what they do best.

Businesses choose service providers that can solve their immediate problems. We must shift our focus to delivering solutions because the market place has changed. Your clients no longer wish to purchase a square brick to fill their circular hole. Service providers must adapt to meet the changing demands of their clients.

The main purpose of the campaign is to enable the IBM business partners to engage with their clients, alongside RDB, at a different level and uncover new opportunities around database workloads and database issues.

With the emergence of new database technologies entering the market, our clients find themselves in a unique position of having choice. The ability to choose a solution that promises better performance, better scalability, better customer experience, and much lower cost of ownership. These are extremely exciting times for the database market and RDB Concepts are uniquely positioned to help you engage at a different level with your customers.