Defining Database Performance

The performance of a database is obviously important; any DBA will tell you that. But, how do you define what’s acceptable and what isn’t acceptable when it comes to performance? It’s imperative that the distinction between the two is nice and clear. In the first instance, developing baseline documentation for your environment can help you define this. So it’s a good idea to have easily referenceable documentation to hand about your database as it can help in situations when you’re attempting to un-earth degradation in your Oracle instance, for example. Understanding end users and the business’ expectations around the database performance is just as important too. Also, they’re more likely to notice issues with performance before your DBA’s are. Having said this, there are many pro-active steps your DBAs can take to ensure database performance issues are spotted as soon as possible, such as regular health checks of your database environments which, can be cross referenced with the environment’s baseline documentation.

The steps that have been recommended in this short blog will help you easily understand what is needed to define the thresholds your database environment can comfortably operate within, although there are many more tailor made recommendations that we at RDB Concepts can make.

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Wakaas Hussain

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