DB on Power Linux

RDB Concepts partner with IBM to offer a unique service extension to the Database on Power Linux campaign. By remaining vendor agnostic, RDB employ staff who are certified in 14 database and 12 operating system solutions. They are not a hardware re-seller, but actually facilitate the client sale via their Business Partners, both of whom are facing significant challenges, namely:

  • The database market is a complex and varied one. There are many excellent solutions available, however, too much choice may not necessarily be a good thing. Often the client does not have the required in-house skills or know where to go to receive impartial advice on the best solution for their individual demands. In turn, the Business Partner would need to make significant investment, in both headcount and training, to deliver the same independent view as that provided by RDB Concepts.
  • The database vendors are focused, understandably, on promoting their product ahead of the competition. This could lead to the client being sold a product that is not fit for purpose or running on legacy infrastructure, when a better solution running on a Power System would provide improved performance, software license savings and future proofing.
  • The clients in-house IT team are often resistant to change as this could bring them additional workloads and \ or job insecurity. Whilst these fears are natural, they are often unfounded and a more resilient, better performing, hardware and database solution actually reduces their system outages and gives the IT team a greater work-life balance.

RDB Concepts facilitate change to close these gaps.

Working alongside IBM and our Business Partners, RDB Concepts host a Dinner and Database on Power Linux event outlining the options available to C level representatives whose companies are encountering total cost of ownership issues or performance related challenges with their existing database solution.

From RDB Concepts previous experience, these sessions lead to consultancy meetings, strategic workshops, project instigation and delivery, training and finally on-going support services.

The client benefits from;

  • Receiving a hardware and database solution that not only addresses their current challenges but also one that is scalable to meet their growth ambitions.
  • Reduced license costs, especially if they are migrating from an Intel server over to Power.
  • Improved database performance, we all know that most database vendors have optimized their solution to run on Power Linux, but RDB Concepts knowledge can provide additional fine tuning as and when required.
  • RDB Concepts and the Business Partner will engage with the Database vendor only when the strategic roadmap has been fully defined. Thus they will be protected from being sold either an incorrect solution or one which has been over-specified in order to achieve a greater sale value.
  • The expertise of highly trained and dedicated professionals on the Power Systems and the relevant database and operating system deployed.

The Business Partner benefits from:

  • Securing the hardware sale on the same terms they currently enjoy with IBM.
  • The sale of the appropriate database license on the same terms they have with the vendor, RDB Concepts will even facilitate an introduction to the ISV if required.
  • Additional revenue streams from the sale of any of RDB Concepts services to the end client.
  • On-going and regular contact with the client, via the performance reports issued by RDB Concepts to both the client and Business Partner. Additionally, RDB Concepts will insist on Quarterly Service Review meetings with the client. This will not only ensure that the best quality service is being given each day and every day, but also will identify, at the earliest opportunity, any emerging initiatives they are considering.

If you are interested in hearing more, please contact either:

UK – Phill Evans, Chief Executive Officer, RDB Concepts Group, at [email protected]

US – Andy Sunley, VPof Business Development, RDB Concepts Group, at [email protected]