Security Health Check

Security Health Check

If you are undergoing compliance testing or want to see where the possible threats to your system are, our Security Health Check can give you a comprehensive picture

The Security Health Check is perfect if you are concerned about your server and/or database security, as it is a comprehensive and more focused health check choice. You should choose this service if:

  • You are undergoing compliance testing (such as PCI or SOX compliance)
  • You want to understand where the overall risks to your systems are

The Security Health Check has many advantages. It is complex, as it understands what the system is being used for, and who the system is being used by, in order to identify any security risks. Additionally, it is completely non-intrusive and does not create, delete or alter your data.

We provide you with a detailed assessment of the database, the operating system the database runs on, the network relating to the database/server and any applications that access the database.

RDB Concepts understand that every environment is different and while we cannot carry out exactly the same steps for every system, our methodical approach provides consistency and structure to the health check.

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