Patch Planning and Implementation Services

Patch Planning and Implementation Services

In a world of constant changes in technology and regulations, it is essential that existing systems are kept up to date and as secure as possible.

Patch planning and implementation is often something companies would like to do. However, the risk of outage is sometimes too high. So unless patching is forced upon them by either a fault or an application vendor upgrade it is sometimes overlooked.

Sadly, all too many of us have experienced issues when applying automatic updates in our operating systems and this is compounded when we are looking at equipment that services your whole company!

In addition, the sheer volume of patches and updates and hotfixes being released makes it difficult for many companies to know whether they should apply a new update or whether they can ignore it.

This is where RDB Concepts can help.

The RDB Patch service will take away the stresses and strains of knowing if an update should be applied, what the implications and risks are of applying it or ignoring it. On a quarterly or bi-annual basis, we will review all patches that may relate to your systems and notify you if they should be applied.

For companies that do not have a test environment, we will create (where possible) a test bed for you allowing for the basic checks to be carried out prior to the installation. We will then produce a report detailing the results of the tests and highlighting any risks that have been identified along with a plan on how the updates will be applied.

When you are ready to proceed, we will then implement the changes, based on the agreed plan, at a time specified by you.

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