Backup and Recovery Services – Criteria

Our Backup and Recovery Service includes:

Backup and Recovery Assessment Itinerary
Initial meeting to discuss requirement and purpose of the review
Produce Plan detailing specific items to be reviewed and access requirements
Discovery phase – gathering extensive information through a series of interviews, workshops, questionnaires
Technical data gathering – gathering extensive data using custom scripts and tools
Testing phase – performing a test restore from the backups that are currently in place.
Detailed analysis of the data gathered – Our consultants:
  • Analyze your current requirements
  • Forecast future needs
  • Perform a gap analysis against industry best practice
  • Identify and prioritize areas for improvement
During this phase we take into account any future direction the company may have. (Example – Virtualisation)
Produce Recommendations report
Produce Management report
Follow up meeting to discuss next steps

Technologies Supported:

Oracle MongoDB
SQL Server Redis
MySQL Cassandra
OpenEdge Progress Neo4J
Tibero MariaDB
DB2 Informix
Operating Systems
AIX Windows 2000 – 2013
Microsoft Cluster Services HP-UX
RedHat Linux CentOS Linux
SUSE Ubuntu
Solaris Sun Clustering
Open VMS Tru-64
Backup and Recovery Services



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