The Management Team

The Management Team

We provide a fun yet hardworking and challenging environment for all our employees, where their skills and achievements are commended, giving them an opportunity to develop and grow.


Phill Evans

Chief Executive Officer

As one of the founders of RDB, Phill has been with the company since the beginning in 2001. His vision to provide quality IT care and support is behind RDB’s success. With experience in many IT sectors including retail, banking and data warehousing, Phill really has experienced it all.


Sue Evans

Chief Operating Officer

Also a founder of RDB, Sue manages the day to day running of the company and is currently in charge of the company’s finances and HR. Over the years, Sue has become an experienced DBA and also worked in a variety of sectors including telecoms, insurance and even the NHS, enabling her to think outside the box and see the bigger picture.

RDB Concepts MUST strive to be as a partner with our clients and not as an external vendor simply offering services. Our consultants MUST become an integral part of the client’s team if they are to deliver the caliber of service that I demand.

I believe that for a company to succeed it must reflect the values of the people running it.

Honesty, integrity and trust are integral to the way I live my life. What people think about me and how my friends perceive me are both extremely important.

If RDB Concepts is to succeed it must also adhere to these strong values. It is my goal to ensure that all our customers will testify to this level of commitment.

Sue and I met whilst working for a company with an amazing team atmosphere. It was not the product of the company or the delivery mechanism that excited us but the camaraderie that existed. We were inspired by the culture.

It was our experiences in this role that drove us to set up our own company and if all we managed was to provide a rich environment for our team to work in and a genuine feeling of positive achievement then we would be satisfied.

We are where we are today because we understood from the early stages what we wanted our company to be, and from experience, what we didn’t want it to become.

We created a dream based on where we wanted to be in the year 2020. We have called this our 2020 Vision.

Phill Evans
Chief Executive Officer, RDB Concepts Limited



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