About Us

About Us

RDB Concepts was formed in 2001 with a single purpose:

“To be different, to be accountable, to stand out and to act on behalf of its customers.”

This has been our ethos since the company was formed. Over time we have expanded on the platforms that we support paying particular attention to any trending technologies. This grants our clients new opportunities to benefit from these new technologies.

With the emergence of new database technologies entering the market, our clients find themselves in a unique position of choice. The ability to choose a solution that promises better performance, better scalability, better customer experience, and much lower cost of ownership. RDB Concepts are completely database and platform agnostic. This means that we will position the best platform and database for your requirements.

Phill Evans
Chief Executive Officer, RDB Concepts Limited

What we can do for you

Whether you need comprehensive 24—7 assistance, working hours support or would simply like us to act as a backup to your existing team, we have a solution that will fit. You can choose what you want us to deliver using our modular based services.

We deliver what you need, exactly how you want it.

Our friendly team are highly skilled and experienced in a wide range of technologies. If it is time you made a change maybe it is time to find out more about RDB Concepts.

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